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Beginners Surf Spots in Lombok

Surfing in Kuta Lombok

Lombok, with its inviting waters and diverse wave conditions, is a fantastic destination for surfers of all levels. Whether you’re just starting your surfing journey or looking to progress your skills, Lombok’s surf spots offer an array of options. Here are some of the best places for beginners and intermediates to catch waves and improve their surfing prowess:

Selong Belanak: The Perfect Starting Point

Selong Belanak is often hailed as the ultimate beginner’s paradise. Its gentle, rolling waves and sandy bottom make it an ideal spot for those stepping onto a surfboard for the first time. The consistent and forgiving waves provide ample opportunities to practice paddling, popping up, and riding the waves. The welcoming atmosphere and stunning beach backdrop create a comfortable environment for beginners to build their confidence.

Kuta Lombok: Versatile for All Skill Levels

Kuta Lombok is a hub of surf activity with options for both beginners and intermediates. The main beach in Kuta offers manageable waves for those new to the sport, making it a great place to take lessons and work on foundational skills. As you progress, you can venture to nearby breaks like Seger and Gerupuk, which offer slightly more challenging waves suitable for intermediate surfers. Kuta’s accessibility and range of wave options make it a versatile choice for surfers at various skill levels.

Gerupuk Bay: Embrace Variety and Progression

Gerupuk Bay is a haven for surfers of all levels due to its diverse collection of breaks. Inside Gerupuk provides gentle waves perfect for beginners to practice, while Outside Gerupuk and Don-Don offer more consistent and challenging waves for intermediates. The bay’s scenic beauty and easy accessibility, along with the opportunity for boat trips to various breaks, create an environment where beginners can learn and intermediates can refine their skills.

Tanjung Aan: Step Up Your Game

Tanjung Aan boasts a long sandy beach and user-friendly waves, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and intermediates. Beginners can catch mellow rides closer to the shore, while those progressing can tackle slightly larger and more exciting waves further out. Tanjung Aan’s welcoming ambiance and stunning landscape make it a delightful spot to improve your surfing skills.

Are Guling: A Gradual Progression

Air Guling offers a gradual step up for beginners looking to challenge themselves and intermediates seeking more consistent waves. The break features a mixture of rights and lefts, catering to both regular and goofy-footed surfers. The waves are generally manageable, allowing intermediates to work on maneuvers and improve their technique. With a relaxed vibe and beautiful scenery, Air Guling provides an ideal setting for surfers aiming to progress.

Lombok’s surf scene offers a range of options for beginners and intermediates to enjoy the thrill of riding waves while honing their skills. Whether you’re seeking gentle rollers to learn the basics or looking to refine your technique on more challenging breaks, Lombok’s surf destinations have something to offer every level of surfer. So grab your board, hit the waves, and embark on a memorable surfing journey in the stunning waters of Lombok.

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