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Best Pizza in Lombok

Looking for the Best Pizza in Lombok? Look no further; we have compiled a short guide to what’s on offer around Kuta Lombok within walking distance from Villa Amani. Whether you’re craving carpaccio or sipping a margarita, the small seaside town in south Lombok has something for everyone.

Mama Pizza from Kuta Lombok

The newest restaurant on the scene here in Kuta Lombok, Mama Pizza, has just opened its doors. Mama Pizza is already famous for its restaurant on Gili Air, and it is widely regarded as one of the best pizzas in Indonesia.

Known for its trademark sourdough pizzas baked in a traditional brick oven, the restaurant has grown popular in Lombok and Bali because of the quality of its food and service.

Located in the old Patio Restaurant building opposite the Breakery, this restaurant serves a large range of pizzas, including marinara, margarita peperoni, and many available extra toppings such as burata cheese, bacon, and salami. Widely rumored to be the best pizza restaurant in Lombok, it’s definitely worth a try. It’s also only a couple of minutes’ walk from Villa Amani.

Quite possibly the Best Pizza in Lombok!


Sapori Italian Restaurant

Sapori Italian restaurant opposite rocksalt has been on the scene for a while and offers a wide variety of Italian food as well as a good selection of pizzas.  It is run by an Italian and will not disappoint, so give it a try; it is also available for takeout. Maybe the Best Pizza in Lombok?



Want something a little different? Then try out the vegan restaurant Terra, which uses exclusively plant-based ingredients.  Although this may be a little off-piste for some of you, it’s definitely worth a try if you’re looking for some healthy, nutritious alternatives in a very creative fashion.


Bush Radio

The legendary morning coffee shop and restaurant, also unbeknownst to some, has a great pizza menu and has been operating for a number of years now, solidly throughout the pandemic.  If you’re looking for a great pizza in a cool environment, then Bush Radio is definitely worth checking out; their coffee and beer selections are also great.


That concludes our review. If it’s not on the list, it might not be worth considering. However, if you come across something intriguing, please inform us!

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Villa Amani in Kuta Lombok is arguably one of the best villas in Lombok due to its central location, beautiful tropical design, and, most importantly, secluded privacy and an excellent team to ensure your stay is both memorable and enjoyable. To ensure that Villa Amani is the best villa in Lombok, we have worked diligently to ensure the property is perfectly designed and meticulously maintained. Additionally, we have created a number of community-led experiences for guests to enjoy. Villa Amani’s location allows guests to walk into the town center and enjoy all the local amenities. Furthermore, they have close proximity to some of the best beaches and activities the island has to offer. When guests stay at Villa Amani, the best villa in Lombok, they can rest assured that we do all we can to ensure the villa is sustainable, stylish, and welcoming. For more information, please contact us here.