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Surfing in Lombok

best surf in Kuta Lombok

Surfing in Lombok has become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to key factors like crystal-clear water, excellent swells, and uncrowded breaks catering to surfers of all levels.

While it’s not possible to list every location in Lombok, the majority of waves can be found on the island’s southern and southwestern shores.

Some fantastic waves are also present in the north around Sengiggi and Gili Trawangan, though their availability depends on conditions and swells. The southern region, especially near the town of Kuta, boasts numerous beaches such as Air Guling, Seger, Tanjung Ann, Mawi, and Gerupuk. Progressing along the coastline, you’ll encounter countless waves of varying difficulty levels, culminating in the world-class wave at Dessert Point. While accessing Dessert Point often requires a boat, other waves in Lombok are easily reachable by car or bike. Although some spots necessitate a bit of a drive, the reward is often the presence of uncrowded conditions.

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Lombok’s Optimal Surfing Season

Lombok offers year-round surfing opportunities, with diverse options including beach breaks and point breaks suitable for all conditions. We suggest consulting magic seaweed before heading out.

For intermediate to expert surfers, the wet or rainy season (October to April) is generally ideal, although favorable conditions persist throughout the year, requiring a bit of exploration.

The dry season provides its own attractions; this is when spots like Mawi and Dessert Point shine brightest. These locations benefit from offshore winds and larger swells during the dry season, creating splendid hollow barrels. If you’re not chasing barrels, you can enjoy the more sheltered spots in Ekas, Gerupuk, and Tanjung Aan during the less windy days.

Learning to Surf

Numerous surf camps and instructors are available around Kuta and the broader area. The Villa Amani team is more than willing to help you connect with various operators, providing options that often include board rental, transport, and additional fees.

We will soon update our list of surf camps and instructors to ensure a comprehensive surfing experience. Here are a few operators who have garnered positive feedback from our previous guests:

– Xanadu Surf Camp
– Visit Lombok
– Lombok’s Kura Kura

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About Villa Amani Kuta Lombok

Villa Amani in Kuta Lombok is arguably one of the best villas in Lombok due to its central location, beautiful tropical design, and, most importantly, secluded privacy and an excellent team to ensure your stay is both memorable and enjoyable. To ensure that Villa Amani is the best villa in Lombok, we have worked diligently to ensure the property is perfectly designed and meticulously maintained. Additionally, we have created a number of community-led experiences for guests to enjoy. Villa Amani’s location allows guests to walk into the town center and enjoy all the local amenities. Furthermore, they have close proximity to some of the best beaches and activities the island has to offer. When guests stay at Villa Amani, the best villa in Lombok, they can rest assured that we do all we can to ensure the villa is sustainable, stylish, and welcoming. For more information, please contact us here.